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You ve got the love remix

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You ve got the love remix

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Share via 'Stop it, I'm getting confused! It's also probably the only ever example of a remix of a cover version of a refix of rwmix mash-up of an a cappella of a song originally written for a diet video. You Got The Love is the anthem that refuses to die. Every few years, someone finds a new way of throwing their hands up in the air and saying, Lord, they just don't care.

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Paul Simpson was first to use it, layering it over his own track Musical Freedomalthough it was DJ Eren — a resident at London house night Solaris — who first twinned the You Got The Love a cappella with the instrumental version of Your Love, a Chicago house track credited to Frankie Knuckles later discovered to be the work of a lesser-known producer, Jamie Principle. It then re-entered the chart, two weeks later on 22 August at 59, where it peaked before dropping out the top again. Following their Brit performance in February"You've Got the Love" climbed to 12, just missing out on the Top Hugall was also involved in the bass and percussion development of the song.

You got the love

As renix Junethe song gor sold over 1. It's now raided the UK top 40 in four different guises, been covered by everyone from Joss Stone to Kasabianand soundtracked the series finale of Sex In The City ; a far cry from its original setting, accompanying footage of a morbidly obese man waddling along a beach. After falling out of the chart, on 26 February"You've Got the Love" re-entered the Irish chart, reaching a new peak of Background[ edit ] The track, which is ificantly shorter than the original, was produced by Charlie Hugall, who also produced three other tracks on Lungs.

It has spent 30 weeks on the UK Singles Chart. For the reissue a music video was shot.

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The video later shows many people beneath her dancing to vd song. I'm really excited that now in our live shows I'm going to be playing one of my favourite songs ever, lo.

After being released well before Lungs was finally recorded and released, it was later featured on the album as its bonus track. Candi Staton was one of the leading female singers of the disco era, but by the mids, her best days were reckoned to ghe behind her, which is probably why she agreed to lend her vocals to a song for a video about the world's fattest man trying to lose weight.

Florence also made a guest appearance during The xx 's Glastonbury Festival performance, where they played their remix of the track. The inclusion of a harp only adds to the gentle sway effect produced by the track, bursting gently in without malice at around eighteen seconds in. In Youu Zealand the single began receiving mainstream radio airplay causing it to rise to 50 [44] on the airplay chart, however, the yok has since dropped.

The following week it fell to 75 before dropping out of the top Ce playing it live and seeing everyone's arms in the air, and the faces — it was the best feeling ever!

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You Got The Love is the anthem that refuses to die. I was dressed as a genie sea-monster, and I remember looking at my guitarist as we played the first chords, and then there was the reaction and it was like tearing ourselves open and just exploding on the crowd, and then all did it back. The song's lyrics are empowering: Florence's heavenly voice has a vulnerable quality which, as it has with relatively short career so far, grows stronger through You've Got The Love's verse and chorus.

Inren's choir rendition of the song was used in TV spots for Coca-Cola. The song peaked at 16, after the single's actual release in Even in rehearsals, playing it was just the most euphoric feeling.

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The song later re-entered the chart at and moved up to 68 in the next week's chart. Candi Staton 's "You Got the Love" is equally strong. Share via 'Stop it, I'm getting confused! It's a feeling you couldn't express.

You got the love … but have you got all the mixes?

It hasn't been released as a physical single, and has relied remxi on digital sales, where it has peaked at five. The song was released as a inch on Streetwave, but an a cappella version also surfaced on Source Records, becoming a favourite tool for UK house DJs in the lates. In February and March, it was consistently increasing positions, where it eventually reached a peak of Every few years, someone finds remi new way of throwing their hands up in the air and saying, Lord, they just don't care.

Which was never supposed to be a record. Yiu to popular television shows like Domestic Blitz and MasterChef Australia using it in commercials, the song rapidly climbed to 17, on 4 April, and to its highest peak of nine on 11 April.

You've got the love

Music video[ edit ] Despite originally being released as a single almost nine months earlier, the band announced on 18 September that a music video would be demix for the song and would be shot on 21 September in London. This was the rfmix covered by Florence who oddly felt compelled to correct the title's charming grammatical sloppiness. Its re-entry pattern then continued when it re-entered gof weeks later on 12 September at The single was given a re-release on physical format on 16 November in the United Kingdom.

It features Welch in a white, sparkly leotard dancing on a large moon-shaped platform suspended over a nightclub, an homage to Studio The video that will air on United Kingdom television has a different version of the song to the one on the album.

I haven't released any. Penned by a songwriting team calling themselves the Source, the original You Got The Love is a perky disco-pop track, generous with the slap bass, although Staton's gospel-tinged wail carries it. On 8 January"You've Got the Love" climbed up the Irish Singles Chartreaching a peak of 21, whereas before it had only reached It was then later released as a digital download only single on 5 January in the United Kingdom only, after the mass praise it received during the release of "Dog Days Are Over".

One week later, on 10 Januarythe song peaked at five in its 34th week on the chart, becoming the band's first top single. MusicOMH commented on the song by saying that "Following with her tradition of some finely chosen cover versions, there's even an excellent rendition of The Source's You Got the Love. Then I got off the phone and realised — it was the one from the diet video!

It spent a total of eight weeks within the toplonger than both singles " Kiss with a Fist " and " Dog Days Are Over ".

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It's empowering, liberating and moving all at the same time, not least conveyed by the emotion in Welch's vocals. At Bestival last year we were top of the bill on that stage, so we were thinking of an amazing cover we could do, and I thought of Candi Staton. It's also probably the only ever example of a remix of a cover version of a refix of a mash-up of an a cappella of a song originally written for a diet video.

With Florence Welch's distinctive voice she makes this song her own.