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Wife tricked stories

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Wife tricked stories

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When I got home from work, I knew I had to hurry. My wife Wendy and I, were going to my employers Halloween costume party. The party was being held at a very nice hotel that was far across town. I work for a large electronics firm and knew that they could certainly afford to throw a big party for everyone. Wendy was already dressed in her costume, when I got home. She looked really sexy.

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After only a few minutes more, I began to fuck her real hard. What if you get caught? Now swallow something good to eat. I washed it off but could still taste their juices in my mouth. It works every time.

How my wife was tricked to fuck

Instead, I forced myself to go and slide under the covers. So I decided, that the safest thing would be, to eat her exquisite pussy instead. He rammed on as she began to moan insensible words as if in a fit. He thanked me and handed me his costume and the room key. She had a nice tan.

She was still out. He asked if I could go round to his place and get some details and paperwork sorted. I jumped up the stool and pushed my dick into her mouth and began to fuck hard.

He tongued her asshole. I untied her and removed her blindfold.

Earlier I had coaxed her to try out the Basic Instinct model and here she was smiling and tied to the window with her eyes blindfolded. Surprising her again I ejaculated in her mouth. We stopped to be friendly and he introduced us to his date.

How is it possible I sniffed her foot and it smelled like her storiess moisturizer. Bobby withdrew as I got down and closed the door slowly.

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I wondered if I could fool his date with his mask. The more I read sex stories, the more determined I became.

We had planned of hours of recording and had planned not to cum till our memory cards were full. My hand moved all over her body, determined to put up a show for Bobby.

Wife tricked stories

She complained that it tickled too much. She smelled like the sexy young woman that she was. He slowly began to grope her. When she grabbed my member, she saw how hard I was.

How i tricked my wife into fucking strangers bareback without her knowing it

He looked at me surprised. She had no idea what was next. She shuddered as the cold cream was applied.

She knew who I was? He slowly nibbled then and she hmmmmed expressing her delight.

It was hot and thick and seemed to fill up my mouth. I even ran my tongue down to her asshole for a few licks.

The more I thought about that trickee book store and those booths at the back of the place, the more I wanted to see Lisa getting fucked by strangers. She kept on snoring. If I could get her knocked up at the same time, what bonus that would be. I told her that I would put a condom the next cock that came through the hole and she could go to town on him without worry.