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What i miss about you list

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What i miss about you list

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Realistically I could have kept going, could have listed way more. There is so much I miss about you and this is just the avout of the iceberg.

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I love these people surrounding me. I miss how much you hated spiders.

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I miss traveling to Savannah and Statesboro to visit your college friends. You know, all I ever wanted was for you to fight for me, to let go of your ego and tell me that you would rather die than live without me.

I miss seeing how devastated you were when your idol, the head coach of FSU, was forced to retire. I miss the way you could explain anything to me so I would understand.

~~ in hopes of recovering from an excruciating grief ~~

I miss calling you baby. I miss the way you taught me to drive stick shift.

I miss your kind caring nature. I miss the sound of your car door shutting when you would come home followed by the sound of your key in the lock.

I miss learning Spanish together. Then the next day, you want to kill yourself because you feel as if that pain is better than the one you're going through.

I miss listening to your voice on the other end of the line. My fears, stresses, weaknesses, failures, joys and successes.

Things i miss about you and us

I miss how you would help me coordinate work events. I miss watching how aggravated you would get when your Nana Jones told the same story for the millionth time. Playing sports with him -- not only so I could watch his sexy butt running around but we would joke and laugh SO much! That the world is a better place for having had you in it and a much darker place for losing you Shar, this was an incredibly difficult post to do.


I miss eating crab legs and how you used to have to help me crack them open because I was such a novice. I miss your touch. I miss waking up and switching on Sports Center every morning. I miss feeling like the future was full of endless opportunities for us because we were doing it together. You never minded if my hair looked a little crazy, or if I was too tired to put on a full face of makeup.

The things i miss about you

I miss your craziness. Playing music together and how patient and kind you were with me in my absolute lack of talent. I miss how you knew every stat for every player in every sport even though you rarely watched ones like basketball or golf; somehow you still always knew.

I miss all the hours spent house-hunting. I miss how you knew exactly what to say to motivate me when Mss was feeling down.

I miss how I could be depressed to the point where I want to kill myself, and just a call from you made me forget all my problems. I miss how you inspired me to go back to school.

I miss how you felt like a powder keg and I had the capability to snuff out the spark about to set you off. I miss waking up beside you. I miss falling asleep next to you.

I miss how supportive you were about every single aspect of my life. I miss how I never had to question that I was your one and only. Who the hell am I going to text about my new job!?

17 things i wholeheartedly miss about you

I miss the way I could always depend on you to help me every step of the way. I miss watching the sunset ,ist the pond at your grandparents. I miss watching old family videos together and imagining what our children would be like. Texting you.

I miss your silly text messages. I miss planning our future together.

I miss the way you loved me. I miss the hours we would spend laying at the pool at our first apartment. It was addictive. In a world of people ypu were always trembling on the ground, they stood on, unsure if they were going to fall to the ground, or fly into the sky.

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I miss you hitting me playfully. I miss making roadtrip playlists and rocking out while we drove. I miss how you let your walls yoj and began to trust once we were together after years of being guarded and afraid. I miss seeing you patiently and diligently help my niece with her math homework. I miss how patient you were with anyone and everyone, even me with math which I know drove you crazy. Lizt miss being your navigator while we would take off on a long trip.