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Rachael has practiced law continuously since that time and established her own firm, Wallbanks, on the first July Wallbanks specialises in undertaking legal work on behalf of people in the areas of family, de facto relationship and estate law. Rachael has also obtained post-graduate qualifications in mediation and alternative dispute resolution at the University of Western Sydney. Rachael has three children, Kate, 20 years, Rebecca 16 years and James 13 years. Having accepted her transsexualism, Rachael transitioned public sex on 4th Julyhas subsequently undergone sex affirmation procedures and had her legal sex reased in the State of New South Wales pursuant to that State's, births, deaths and marriages law.

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Sanchez, Bruce L. From to Rachael appeared on behalf of the Applicants, Kevin and Jennifer, in their successful original and appeal proceedings before the Family Court of Australia against the Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Australia recorded in the judgments of Justice Richard Chisholm delivered 12th September and the Full Court of the Family Court of Family Court of Australia delivered 21 February whereby the marriage between Jennifer and the Kevin, a man of transsexual background, was declared a valid marriage according to the marriage law of Australia.

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