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Much as Thai bar girls might be sweet and cute, and totally unlike their equivalent in Western countries, they are none the less not typical of Thai Women! The other mistake I think Western men often make, particularly those who are new to Thailand, is to assume that Thai Girls tai just like Western girls. Big Time. Before I met Pat, I was lucky in many respects.

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There is no need for anyone to be lonely in their lives and the Thai culture produces women that are caring, warm, affectionate and are versed in good manners, cleanliness, health and a ghai spirit. If you cannot handle the concept, leave Thai girls alone.

Then there are all the loss of face issues if it does not work out. YOU will lose. Before I met Pat, I was lucky in many respects.

Got it? They are leaving their family, perhaps their job good jobs are VERY hard to get. One thing is for sure.

Thai girls are easy

The problem that we come across is that the foreigners that would like to meet and get to know these ladies are faced with cultural and language barriers that simple mean that they wouldn't know where to begin. Actually we are often surprised by how little it takes to get the ball rolling. Thai women hold their virginity ladycom dear thxi want to make sure it is only given up to the man they will marry. But they would always prefer a guy who can adequately provide for them.

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Your job and income. It is expected. Remember this is for life and in Thailand there are no Government handouts to help you if times become hard.

Some of the language, but in particular, the cultural aspects. Many girls will expect marriage before even thinking of moving overseas. Do your homework! Pat does this really well. If this sounds a bit one way, it is.

If her family does not like you, the relationship may have to end. It is often a matter of just breaking the ice and then letting nature take its course. Remember there is no old age pension scheme or worthwhile medical scheme. I read a thxi about cross cultural relationships and marriages. So for the younger guys, there might be a lesson in there somewhere.

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The other mistake I think Western men often make, particularly those who are new to Thailand, is to assume that Thai Girls are just like Western girls. I would advise any man considering a with a Thai woman to do the same. Quite rightly in my view. Quite simply, a Thai woman cannot afford to marry a guy who is financially insecure. Many Thai women have told me that they would prefer to marry an older Western man over a younger man.

Find out more about us and the way we work. OK, some do. Sure she will come to learn your ways.

As I was travelling to Thailand a lot on business, and was interested in Thai Culture, I took time out to learn. Your Age.

Thai lady date finder

Oh, a couple of lady.dom points. On your first dates, you might even have a chaperone tagging along. Brought up in that culture makes you very focused on NOT being poor. All rights reserved? Effort from YOU. It comes down to understanding, financial security, and maturity to accept the issues that might crop up.

If you are that desperate, leave the poor girl to find a different more honourable man and head to one of the bars!