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Ssc vs rack

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Ssc vs rack

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Of the two, SSC is perhaps the more widely known. Essentially, SSC holds that any activity between adults is acceptable as long as it is regarded as safe, sane, and consensual to both parties involved.

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Are you penetrating someone? Above: Psychopathia Sexualis by Kraft-Ebing with portrait of author. Each of us has our limits, as Doms, as subs, as those who fit in other roles. To the respondents, however, the relationships they were in fit well within the confines of their philosophy of SSC.

Ssc vs. rack: what’s the difference, and does it matter?

They were writing and marching against prejudice and ignorance of towards their community and practices. The trouble with SSC, in my humble opinion, is that it is too subjective.

RACK is tack. Challenging pathology and abuse; A Framework of Fireworks! Equally, if the Dominant is inexperienced, how can a submissive be absolutely sure that they know where any potential lines between acceptable and unacceptable treatment lay? The event was coordinated by the Community Involvement Committee, the political arm of that organization.

Risk-aware consensual kink

What I considered interesting and uninteresting five years ago may not line up now. We as a community need something that is short and catchy and portrays us in a good light. Some people subscribe to both mottos, using SSC as a description of the activities to any member vz the general public, while using RACK as a description of the activities within members of a community. In its simplest form, RACK is the idea of being educated, communicative, and careful regarding your interests and their execution.

Thus, RACK adherents stress the value of individual prior consent to even risky fun, while rackk SSC contingent counters that people often do rafk choose as freely as they seem, they might behave irrationally at times, and so the consequences of rash individual choice perhaps ought to be mitigated from the start.

But introduce into that group an individual who enjoys cs others by their ankles and cutting on them. Find out how here. I have experienced this, myself, on a of occasions, most recently while I was under fire for a new technique I was using to pierce and some of the practices that I discussed in connection with it on my website.

Whatever you choose to follow, you need to understand what it means and how it relates to you and your potential partners. Over time, as the phrase started spreading through the larger community and appeared on bumper stickers and T-shirts, people started to associate "safe" with "risk-free," diluting the message. Keep us running with your support Learn more with these related books.

However, if you think about it, insisting that I do play-piercing according to industry standards is similar to insisting that I bring my home kitchen up to restaurant health codes before I can make you a grilled cheese sandwhich. We watch out for ourselves, by explaining what we each desire, our limits, and what we are willing to do in a particular scene. It is our willingness to do these basic things that allow us to take risks and to enjoy ourselves.

Unlike SSC, RACK stands for two principles deed to allow you to move outside of your current comfort zones, into a place of interest.

Risk-aware consensual kink or rack

Essentially, SSC holds that any activity between adults is acceptable as long as it is regarded as safe, sane, racm consensual to both parties involved. All true — but irrelevant. Our regular meetings and other activities attempt to build a sense of community by exploring common feelings and concerns.

Monitor the color and temperature of the appendages being bound. Ve conflict does not necessarily arise from their differing interests but rather from their interpretation of the rules of the community they belong.

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Still, your general aftercare kit contains the appropriate materials, including knife play spontaneously is a calculated risk. By communicating our interests, we can find people who have similar tastes to our own. Their legacy to the SM-leather-kink communities was considerable. The list goes on.

It empowers each person to define their own risk profile. Consensual: In light of those risks, both or all partners have, of sound mind, offered preliminary consent to engage in said activity. Do we consent to it?

We are risk-aware in ss everyday; we look both ways before we cross the street; we drink water before and after we exercise. People like this are, sadly, all over the place in our community. Ultimately, I like to think of the two in this way: any time you step outside of your safe-zones, RACK is an appropriate guideline.

Written by kallista One of the biggest challenges ss we face in the kinky community is the acceptance of kinks that do not align with our own. If this article is helpful to you, please consider supporting our work. SSC is a fine face for our community, but we deserve something better.

Rules are clearly laid out. For those of us who follow SSC, we ask ourselves three questions: Is our kinky thing safe to do? For much of 20th Century history, people who were into BDSM raxk kink activities were at risk of being viewed as pathological, psychologically damaged or as sexually deviant.

Safe, sane, and consensual or ssc

Share this:. In contrast, SSC revolves around the end of play, or the ex-post. Chances are someone in the group is going to throw some red flags onto the playing field. For the march, the effect was magnified. Certainly david stein attended Hellfire Club, and wrote about his experience there.

Whats the first word there? The term is very subjective.

We need individuals who take a personal responsibility to research and hone their craft, who know the risks of what they are doing and can explain them clearly to the people they play with.