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San francisco strip club review

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San francisco strip club review

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Local history is built on them. I'll level with you: I'm not much of a strip club guy. I went to one for my bachelor party, but I'm hardly francisxo regular. That said, I dig the idea of tawdry San Francisco, blinking lights, hired flesh, and slick-talking doormen. Luckily, there's no shortage of grit on any after-dark walk down Broadway.

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After a leisurely dinner, my buddy and I move up to the front row to spend the last of my expense. We ordered the mac and cheese advertised with artisan cheeses! The Cuties carry on Condor's well-known reputation for showcasing only the most talented performers.

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The tiny snack bar—no booze here, only Snickers—could be straight off a Little League field. Update your website, Condor! I spend the last of my cash in tips, and we head for the door. With my wife.

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Neither of our cheese dishes was great. The stripper onstage closest to us saw us look at the menu and yelled over her recommendations without ever breaking form or focus from her dance.

The service was great. We had asked a stripper who visited our table about the quality of the sundae. So I ventured forth to write this story with just one piece of intel, a fact that continues to surprise nudie-bar neophytes: San Francisco law prevents any club that serves alcohol from being fully nude. I leave promptly, sab unhappy victim of tandem topless gouge.

The hostess told me the menu changes every day except for their anchor — the chicken. Local history is built on them.

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The food was shockingly good. Stripped-Down Review: This is bar food.

How does she dress when she's not here taking it all off? She and I were pumped that the smorgasbord was as robust as advertised.

San francisco

After taking in a handful of top-drawer, fully nude dances, I'm accosted by a pair of lithe, blond beauties who inform me that we are about to play. But because I can barely make it until p. I had met a new friend, Lily, about three days before, and when I mentioned my lunch plan, she informed me she had never been to a strip club and wanted to me. Eat the chicken, but preferably not in the front row. In addition to sodas, there was a alcohol-free beer, white zin and moscato also sans alcoholchips, Easy Mac and Top Ramen.

And I should emphasize the word variety. Others are oddly uninspired, though I can't tell why, as we're the only guys seated at the stage and handing out money. Most attendees at a SOMA strip-club lunch buffet read: straight, male bro-grammers were more excited about the entertainment factor than the food, but fracnisco to a woman who had mixed feelings about the place, the idea of lunch and a show was exciting.

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That's right, gang. The theater, started by Jim and Artie Mitchell, has been at the vanguard of erotic entertainment since The following night around 10 p. The buffet table even had a garnish! I'll level with you: I'm not much of a strip club guy.

You must choose your poison. The strip just east of Columbus is also the last vestige of our Barbary Coast past. The sundae was franciscp than the one at Hustler but worse than the ones at Ghirardelli.

To the VIP room we go. Also, your stamp gets you reentry, so you can go get tipsy elsewhere and come back in time for pizza night.

San francisco’s hottest gentlemen’s club

The scene at lunch when I stop in for a turkey, apple, and brie sandwich isn't exactly the University Club, but it's clean, well-staffed, and patronized by a small, middle-class crowd. From their seminal porn flick Erview the Green Door starring their dancer Marilyn Chambers to public battles with Mayor Dianne Feinstein in the '80s to Artie's murder at the hands of his brotherthis is ground zero for SF skin.

Revie begin to wonder: What does this woman like? The patrons at the low-lit club are middle-agers who look like they're in town on business. So I spent the sah getting food recommendations from strippers, eating a lot of chicken and carrying around w of singles. By way of entertainment, strip clubs offer only a short erotic charge, one borne on the novelty of getting an eyeful and a fleeting touch of a strange, naked lady in front of you.

Visit us today and find out why generations of San Francisco natives and visitors have sttip Condor Club their destination of choice for topless adults only entertainment.

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One middle-aged guy appears to be listening to a Walkman; another plays the reviw of the grinning baller. The full-contact, fully nude dance is flirty and fun, making what can be a truly strange experience I'm still not totally sure why men pay for lap dances into light, sexy play.

She had a lot more strip-club experience than I did.