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Remaining friends after affair

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Remaining friends after affair

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George News Question I have a difficult dilemma. A few years ago my wife and I were great friends with another couple.

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They both feel remorse for what they have done?

Ask dr. bob – remaining friends after infidelity

If you want to end an emotional affair and rebuild your relationship with your partner, you can't maintain an intimate relationship with the other person. My problem is now that despite my lover saying he would disappear from all the circles where we came into contact, he has now reappeared.

I know you may have been good friends before the affair, and you want that back again, without all the drama the affair caused. Healing your heart remainnig occurs when you see your worth apart from him.

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The unfaithful partner has a responsibility to turn away from the other person and focus on building connection, trust and security with their injured spouse. Friejds when you really believe you want it to be over.

However, you don't want to repeat the mistakes that led to the affair in afvair first place. I thought I would die I am still in a lot of pain.

Staying friends after an affair?

Making a Decision If you're committed to working on the problems in your marriage, fdiends might be able to overcome whatever led you to look elsewhere in the first place and find a new level of intimacy with your partner. The question of whether you can remain friends with someone after having an emotional affair with that person depends on what you mean by the word "friend. I acter made a life for myself and through this have recently had an affair which lasted a few months.

The first time was a complete shock for me and I could tell he felt awkward.

But I have a hard time dealing with him and her being friends. Your husband also needs to see and know that you choose HIM and not the other man. In the last afer he has gone out of his way to come over and speak to me -still small talk, no referrals to what we shared but the way he looked at me across the room made me think frienda still felt something.

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They both swear it wont. Please help me. But an affair is a whole other animal, and the addictive nature of affairs already makes it very hard to let go. If you want to remain friendly with a coworker after ending an emotional affair, avoid having lunch with this person alone or doing anything else together without other people. I am stuck — worried something will happen again. Famous last words I know as I definitely started to have feelings and instead of being fun it became a worry as I knew it would never come to anything, however somehow I didnt have the 6strength to end it because he made me happy and whenever he sensed this was how I was feeling he made it clear he wanted to continue - I made him happy too, and I genuinely felt he cared about me.

6 reasons not to keep your affair partner as a friend.

Stay connected! My wife was remorseful and we decided to stay married and work through it. He specializes in working with couples in all stages of their relationships. The other couple, however, divorced.

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A close friend has said that its highly likely that the feelings we both had will exist for a while - the affair didn't end because those stopped, it was the circumstances. All contact between us ceased. He has said he is very hurt by what I have done and its the worst time of his life. Why does she need to have a friendship with him? Frankly, a hardness of heart and wanting my own way.

Once you've crossed this type aftr line with a friend, you can't continue to claim you're "just friends" just because you haven't had sex. He said he understood people lose their way sometimes.

Eventually, my wife came forward to me and confessed that she had an affair with the husband of this other couple. So my question really is, can frends go back to being friends - or is the fact that we have now crossed the line mean that this is realistically impossible. When Friendship Isn't When confronted by an angry partner, some people will defend themselves by saying there's nothing unusual or inappropriate about having a good friend of the opposite sex, or even a friend they find attractive, as long as they don't act on those feelings.

Remaining friends after an emotional affair

Click is a product provided by OnePlusOne. We seem to have gradually drifted apart on both emotional and physical levels. The opinions stated in this article are solely his and not those of St. Has this ever happened and whose to say that this wont happen again? Also, comparing him to your husband will be an ongoing battle in your mind as long as he is around. remainjng

Have a relationship question for Geoff to answer? Geoff Steurer is a d marriage and family therapist in private practice in St. Finding the Line Emotional affairs often start in the workplace, and if you're going to keep working with the same person, you certainly don't want to be hostile or rude. She threw him out initially although he is now back in the family home having convinced her it was all in her imagination. Recovering from an emotional affair requires scaling the friendship back to the point where inappropriate intimacy avfair not a potential problem.