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Estimating the of an action or a series of actions.

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Advising and Consulting Providing guidance and advice to enable decision-making about tasks, situations, and processes.

If you are already certified nbb work in a regulated occupation in your province or territory, it will be easier for you to have your certification recognized in another province or territory. Creative Expression Using various materials and formats to create work that is intended to be artistically satisfying, entertaining, instructive or functional.

Sales Knowledge of principles and practices for displaying, promoting and selling products or services. A period of training under the guidance of a practitioner is usually required.

Find out if your occupation is regulated and contact the regulatory authority to learn about the certification process. Performing and Entertaining Performing to entertain an audience. Business, Finance and Management Knowledge related to organization and control of business activities.

Communication Using communication escoort to share information, advise and influence. If the licence is compulsory, you must be certified before you can practise the occupation and use the professional deation.

This is what you typically need for the job. Client Service.

Source National Occupational Classification Professional certification and escorrt You might need to get a professional licence from a regulatory authority before you can start working. Estimating the of an action or a series of actions.

Analyzing Information Examining data or facts to determine appropriate actions or recommendations. See the Workers Mobility's website to learn more.

Licensing can be compulsory or voluntary, depending on the occupation.