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This guidance is national guidance that applies across Wales. General What restrictions are in place? There are 4 main things: certain businesses are not allowed to open people should not gather indoors with anyone who is not a member of their household or extended household unless they have a good reason rules have been made about keeping people apart when they go out known as outeide or physical distancing people must not gather outdoors in groups of more than

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guidance on people who may not have to wear face coverings.

The Welsh Government has published guidance. Please contact your individual school, college or local council to find out what school transport services are available in your area, and what the plans are for September. Can I break up my existing extended household so I can a different one? Can I remove my face covering to eat and drink?

Coronavirus (covid): meeting with others safely (social distancing)

This means that gyms will be able to stay open. Yes, but with the same limitations as above on the services they provide. What ohtside the rules for the rest of the UK? However, if the funding were available, there would be no reason why the secretariat could not be placed elsewhere in the world and the permanent forum meet outside of the main United Nations centres of Geneva or New York.

Once this has been completed and we have tested critical workers DVSA will open the booking service to the general public. The police in Wales will engage with people, explain what they need to do and encourage them to comply.

Coronavirus (covid): what you can and cannot do

You should also continue to wash your hands frequently or use hand sanitiser gel. The rules state that social distancing should still be observed as far as possibleas the risk of transmission of the virus is still higher indoors than it is outside.

See: more information on shielding Travelling outsise see friends and family You can travel anywhere within Scotland to visit family and friends, as long as you follow all other guidance that supports the route map and check any local advice. What attractions will be open and what will still be closed?

You can currently go on holiday with the people you live with members of your own household or members of your extended household meey you have agreed to form one. The new rules apply across England to all ages, and apply to private homes, parks, pubs and restaurants.

How many households can meet in the uk?

Indoor play areas are expected to ensure they operate safely and take all reasonable measures to minimise the risk of exposure to the virus. Can mete meet indoors and how many people can meet indoors? Full advice is available in the section on leisure centres and swimming pools. What guidance is in place for massage, acupuncture and electrolysis services?

Introduction Since 6 Julyyou have been allowed to: Form an exclusive extended household with one other household, including the ability to stay in that other household overnight. To stay safe and protect others, people are urged to abide by these stricter new limits immediately. The rules on meeting people indoors have not changed, and apply to children as well as adults.

We are asking people to consider not just what they can do — what the law allows them to do — but what they should do — what is the right thing to do to minimise the spread of coronavirus.

How many people or households can i meet?

In circumstances where young children mix with others, it may not be practical to attempt to maintain continual 2 metre distancing between children, or even between children and adults. Trains and buses are currently running reduced services and there is less capacity due to physical distancing, so bear this in mind when planning your journey. It is also not permitted to arrange for children to go somewhere indoors together, such as shops, cafes, mert or amusement arcades, unless they are part of the same household or extended household.

Additional reporting from Press Association. You can, with ventilation and a focus on hygiene, share a private vehicle with someone from outside of your household.

In order to complete its work in five working days, however, the in-session working group would likely meet outside the normal hours of the Board. In addition, most regional groups do not wish to meet outside traditional meeting hours.

All retail shops can open, if they can comply with the physical distancing duty in Welsh law. This outsire childcare provision and summer camps.

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We also plan to pilot some larger outdoor events for up to people. To find out what is currently allowed you should check the separate guidance for visiting adult care homes and hospitals.

All outdoor sport and leisure facilities are now allowed to be open. We are strongly advising against tattooing and tattoo removal on the face, and piercings on the tongue, mouth, lip, nose, brow or cheek. Yes, every effort should still be made to keep socially distant, but as more and more aspects of daily life return to some degree of normality, in some situations this is impractical.

However, you should still be very careful so should shop at quieter times, outaide make sure you maintain a 2m distance from others and wash your hands or use hand sanitiser regularly. If the venue you are trying to access is under a duty to collect your details and you are not willing to share them, you will not be allowed on the premises.

How many people can meet outside and can people meet inside now?

These include increased cleaning of equipment and a requirement to manage the s of people on site and ourside s of children using equipment at any one time. For hidden disabilities, the sunflower lanyard can also discreetly show people including staff and fellow passengers that additional help and support may be needed.

Not generally, no, unless they are passing through to reach an outdoor area, or they have another legitimate purpose for being there such as providing care. Car parks may also have reduced opening hours and reduced capacity.

In a Zoom meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson last week, police forces said they would like rules on social contact to be simplified. We are able to relax the restrictions as the spread of the virus has slowed in Wales and the of new cases of the virus continue to be low. What measures are in place to make it safe for massage, acupuncture and electrolysis services to reopen? Ignoring an instruction like this is itself an offence.

If you do share a car, please stay as far apart as possible within the car and keep windows open. Leisure operators have also agreed to share best practice and lessons learned with each other when they reopen, to benefit everyone who works in and attends their facilities. Travel beyond your local area for any purpose.

Seeing friends and family

When will museums, galleries and archive services reopen? This guidance is national guidance that applies across Wales. You are able to eat or drink outdoors with people outside your household or extended household, as long as you maintain physical distancing from them and the size of the group does not exceed 30 people. Organising an und music event of more than 30 people is a separate criminal offence.