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Lesbians in costume

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Lesbians in costume

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Clueless on what ledbians dress up as this Halloween? Be Proud on Halloween! If you are a procrastinator like I am, then you may still be without a Halloween costume. Celebrities The obvious first lady on this list has to be Ellen Degeneres. Get a blonde wig, put together a nice casual outfit, then practice your Ellen dance moves and be set! So cute!

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Batman and robin

A fan favorite couple seems to be Rainbow Dash and Applejack. Shane A vest, a pack of cigarettes, the maturity of a year-old boy, plus intimacy issues. Commemorate the pair csotume early s Von Dutch hats, tracksuits, cigarettes, and cocaine. So cute! Whatever TF you want!

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Dominatrix Latex. If there are only, say, 3 in the group then the lesbianx flag would also make a great choice! Ursula Ursula, like the Badadook, is a gay icon.

Check out this list by our friends at Autostraddle, then recreate the lewks. To really hammer your costume home, be sure to brag about what an excellent evolved communicator you are, while not really communicating. Halloween costumes are a competitive sport. I definitely would be honored to be csotume to claim her as one of us!

Yes, THE Picasso. You could even have a bottle of Gain, since Wanda is the Gain spokeswoman.

Girlfriends halloween costume party part 1

I present to you, dear lez, the 25 most lesbian costumes of all time. Lara Embry, who is a practicing clinical psychologist.

Halloween is the best day for self-expression, over-the-top-ness, delicious cocktails, and incredible parties. Best of all, she has awesome rainbow hair lesbizns, mane? Performative Activism Tell everyone at the Halloween Party that they are being violent and that their costumes offend you.

Also, if you are going in a group preferably of 6 and would like a group costume idea, each member of your group can dress in one color of the Gay Pride flag! If you spy any costumes that belong on this list then comment below and let me know. Sexy firefighter, sexy vampire, sexy cat, sexy bunny, I love it all, as long as it involves fishnets.

You have to admit, they made a cute couple! A U-Haul The most lesbian costume of all.

25 lesbian halloween costumes to rock this year

Celebrities The obvious first lady on this list has to be Ellen Degeneres. Maybe you will be a more receptive audience. The two girls making out in the background of the Halloween party costkme Mean Girls Perhaps the most underrated lesbian couple of modern times.

Today, I am wearing a strappy lace bodysuit and a fur coat at my desk. None of the whole throwing-on-ears-and-calling-yourself-a-cat nonsense will fly here in lesboland. The biggest hate crime ever committed was the fact she turned out to be straight. Madonna, Britney, and Christina Blah blah blah performative lesbianism blah blah blah.

If you would like extra guidance Cara Delevingne in a tux View this post on Instagram A post shared by Cara Delevingne caradelevingne on Oct 12, at am PDT Perhaps the best thing that has happened to us all year and what a year it has been, am I costums Beauty and The Beast This is basically just an excuse lesbisns wear this amazingly sexy Belle costume from Lovehoney. Make it gay simply by being your gay self.

Gertrude Stein also ran with the circle of Hemingway and Pound and wrote costuume lesbian works, including some about her partner Alice B. Hot Rabbit Be the real-life embodiment of queer party favorite Hot Rabbit by sexing it up with some black bunny ears and a slinky bodysuit. Vegan Being a vegan for Halloween is easy. Happy Haunting!

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On Gay-O-Ween, all the fabulous, sparkly queers get to be even more extra than they are on a daily basis, which we know is hella extra. It is the only guide you will ever need as a lesbian or bisexual woman. Lohan dated DJ Samantha Ronson for a couple of years before the couple split. Clueless on what to dress up as this Halloween?

Zoolander and hansel from "zoolander."

If you are a procrastinator like I am, then you may still be without a Halloween i. OK, fine, maybe they were performative lesbians, but they still gave us visibility and banger pop songs. Well, I hope the cogs are turning and now you ladies have plenty of Halloween costume ideas. Gertrude Stein collected and loved art and was not lesbjans immortalized in her writing, but also in a painting by Picasso. Spoken word poet Just start riffing on everything you see at the Halloween party with really intense anaphora and inflection.

For those of you who are not feeling creative, you can take the easy way out with the witty t-shirt pictured above.

Get a blonde wig, put together a nice casual outfit, then practice your Ellen dance moves and be set!