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Introvert marriage problems

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Introvert marriage problems

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Confessions of an introverted wife married to an extroverted husband December 26, Beautiful in His Time is a participant in multiple affiliate marketing programs. The author of this blog may receive commission for purchases or clicks made through links on this intgovert. I re-read it a few days ago and realized that all of these comments were justified and warranted. This post was an honest, raw vent. It was also one-sided and definitely not the fairest treatment of my husband and my marriage. In this post, I used a lot of hyperbole, the extremest of extreme examples, and an immature writing intgovert.

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How to speak Introvertese Pause in conversation to allow time for your introvert to participate. I used them all with my wife. One time, I counted and he had sent me 63 text messages in one day.

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What was the big deal? Encourage your extravert to go to social engagements without you if you are not able to go. And there is a whole lot of science out there backing this up if you do some googling. This combo of traits makes my yearning for the deep discussions about feelings totally insatiable. Are you done drinking this?

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I was confused. But on the other hand, there are sometimes I remember his words, and I think he might have been onto something. Are you a person who recharges and mwrriage by pulling away and being alone? If you do head out together, accept that one of you may be heading home a little early. Extraverts and introverts process information differently.

He has no problem jumping from person to person and from one topic to another.

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Just kidding. We must fight back marriahe reclaim our rights to be outspoken, loud, interruptive and expressive. Yes, we equally share this right to freely speak our minds, but it is the extrovert who is under attack for doing so with too much freedom. At all. Getting affection out of him is going to be like pulling teeth.

This happens all the times.

How to stay married when you're an introvert and he's an extrovert

He loves to text me at work. Or are you a person who recharges by being engaged with people and interacting in relationships? But as an introvert, her husband needed a warning and some time to prepare. Our way of life is threatened. As an extrovert, I constantly have to cover for my socially reserved spouse.

Stop talking for just a minute. The introvert incursion threatens to rob all extroverts of our right to free speech.

Sometimes it is just plain rude to not say anything and withhold your thoughts. We are like oil and water.

Extraverts tend to feel energized by social situations and high activity levels. Thinking out loud usually sparks a short conversation, which feeds his extrovert battery.

7 secrets to a successful introvert-extravert marriage

My husband will tell you that I enjoy talking everything through down to inrovert itty-bitty details. I used to fill up journals of content every year, but when I got married, I stopped journaling. Being an extrovert, bringing a few friends home was no big deal for her.

But as you do, please keep this disclaimer and explanation in mind. As much as introverts love people, in order for them to fuel marriate and recharge they have a need to simply be alone. Talk about the specific needs you or your spouse have, and agree together how to go about accomplishing these needs. Take full advantage of this and divide family and household responsibilities based on your personality differences.

Rpoblems understand each other because they have similar needs and desires due to the nature of their personality types. He and his wife reside in the suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee with their four children.

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A common misconception is that introverts only like to be alone. The key to making a marriage like this work is accepting that we are different again!

Intrvert opinionated brothers and sisters; I have something to say. Why are there 6 boxes of Cheerios again? All these people were so nice and so much fun.

Introverts and marriage

It was my husband, approaching me — cautiously because he already had a feeling of impending danger about how this was going to unfold — with an invitation to this or that random event involving a group of people getting together. So introversion was sort of the norm for all of us.

Understand what it means to be an introvert or extrovert. Suggest a correction. I like hanging out with people, but I need time to recover afterwards. Connect with her on Facebook or Twitter!