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It was in the waters off Inishowen — Lough Swilly, to be precise — that sailor John Newton was inspired to write his epic hymn, Amazing Grace. Don't miss Take to the waves with the Inishowen Boating Experience. Get behind the wheel — or hop up fll two wheels — and just explore the inishowsn that surrounds you. Back on dry land, grass-lined ro cut through valleys, winding their way into charming fishing villages such as Moville, Shrove and Muff. Don't miss.

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The light is currently a mm catadioptric cylindrical refractor with mm spherical mirror and electric L11 lamps in a LC15 lampchanger. Toomey's tender to supply the iron work for heightening the west tower.

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A letter from the Board of Trade was received in March enclosing another letter from the Admiralty which stated that the two lights at Inishowen were ill-adapted for the purpose of clearing the Tuns Bank due to their being at the same elevation. Trinity House gave their fll in July and the bands were added to the towers in the summer of Another letter from the Derry Chamber of Commerce stating that in the interest of commerce and safety of human lives the subject should be dealt with promptly.

The Board referred the subject to inishoen Inspecting Committee on Tour inoshowen surprisingly did not report until September On 19th January a fire in the fog al engine room damaged roof timbers and destroyed a five gallon oil supply tank. The broker cannot guarantee the true hours. s Liked by.

The Board referred them to correspondence. The two Keeper's dwellings and the rest of the station were built by the workmen of the Board again to Mr Ffl de and under his supervision. Engineer-in-Chief J. The fixed white lights were 67 feet Over five iinishowen passed without incident then, in Octoberthe Harbour Commissioners again called the attention of the Board to the necessity for a fog al. If the electricity supply fails a 12kW standby generator automatically takes over until the supply is re-established.

The red sector light shown over the Tuns Bank from the west tower was through a glazed opening in the cast iron tower extension 25 feet 7.

The Board of Trade conversely were not happy and they suggested abandoning the west and establishing a red sector in the east over the Tuns Bank. By 9th July the temporary light on the east and the auxiliary light in the west tower were discontinued and the new electric light from the rear tower came into operation with a red sector over the Tuns.

The Derry Port and Harbour Rl expressed disappointment at the reply and drew attention to the increased trade of the Foyle; they too were informed iniwhowen the Board had gone fully into the subject and regretted they were unable to give any other reply. Yet again the subject was long fingered and early in the Derry Harbour Commissioners enquired if a decision had been made on the inner tower. Hawes suggested in February that the lower or second light at the east tower should be extinguished and Trinity House sanctioned its discontinuance two months later.

But, according to the Committee, this had not improved the Inishowen situation, consequently the suggestion of a red light for the inner tower should be brought to the notice of the Elder Brethren who, the following month, sanctioned without question the change from white to red. Since the light has been exhibited in poor visibility when the fog al is sounding.

This apparently was completed early in because the Inspector Captain E.

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The Inspecting Committee agreed that the introduction of a second light in the east tower had proved insufficient and that the two lights appeared as one even at a short distance but suggested that the problem may be overcome by altering the west light to red. In Inishoweenafter a further five years, the Ballast Office in Derry enquired inishown the distinguishing light to be shown at the east tower.

The Attendant lives in the house nearest to the lighthouse and the other two dwellings have been converted into staff holiday houses. The immediate reaction did not go beyond two reports by Inspector Halpin and a request from the Board of Trade for an estimate for raising the west tower and a suggestion to lower the east. In May Inspector Davis suggested discontinuing the auxiliary light but the Inspecting Committee recommended in September that an acetylene plant be installed and both the main and auxiliary lights at the west be made unwatched.

Not to be put off the Chamber wrote to the Board in February stating that a fog al should be borne by the Mercantile Marine Fund and they would also bring the question before Parliament. The final result was that the project was reconsidered and the Inspecting Committee recommended to Trinity House to leave the lights as they are and to cancel their sanction as far as the lights were concerned.

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The light continues to be exhibited in conditions of poor visibility during daylight hours. The main light character changed from fixed white to two white flashes every 6 seconds and the rl light from fixed red to two red flashes every 6 seconds, the east light remained manned and fixed.

With a character of two blasts every 30 seconds. The outcome was that the Board informed the Derry Commissioners that they would apply to the Board of Trade if the Derry Commissioners would undertake to pay the expense. The lantern on the east tower was removed subsequently.

Sanction from the Lord Lieutenant was received the following month and by May Inspector Halpin reported that measures should be taken to obtain inishoweh possession of the land required. The matter was referred to the Inspector who, eleven months later, reported favourably to raising the tower which in turn received approbation from the Inspecting Committee in June Also modifications were to be made by the Derry Harbour Commissioners to Warren Point light to back up the changes to the made at Inishowen.

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In May the fog al was permanently disestablished. It was in the waters off Inishowen — Lough Swilly, to be precise — that sailor John Newton was inspired to write his epic hymn, Amazing Grace. Sloane submitted plans and an estimate in June which were sanctioned by the Board of Trade in August of that year and, in Marchwas Mr E. The leading lights were discontinued on 15th May and a temporary light was established on the balcony of the east tower whilst alterations were made to the west tower light.

Inishowen lighthouse

Four years later the Derry Ballast Office wrote to the Corporation enclosing requests from numerous mariners for a distinction to be made between the two lights. The Board referred the matter to the Inspecting Committee who in turn referred the Derry Chamber of Commerce to correspondence.

Through proven innnovation and a strong pursuit of excellence and de integrity, the Regal brand has grown to become inisyowen class-winning and very popular yacht brand by owners and industry leaders alike. Twelve months later the Chamber of Commerce again drew the attention of the Board to the requirement for a fog al at Inishowen. The diaphone was replaced by an electric fog horn controlled by a fog detector.

Towards the end of an application from the Derry Harbour Commissioners requesting a fog gun was referred to the Inspecting Committee. George Halpin pointed out that the west or inishowwen light solely formed a leading light with the principal east light and did not show so much to seaward.

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In May the following year,the Inspecting Committee on Tower recommended taking evidence on the spot with the Elder Brethren, pilots and others as soon as possible and report to the Board who by then had become the Commissioners of Irish Lights. A third, two storey dwelling was built to accommodate the additional two assistant keepers required for fog al duty, although only one was appointed until Following Inspector Dean's suggestion in November that black bands should be painted around the towers to make them more conspicuous the Inspecting Committee recommended one black band on the east tower and two on the west.

On 35 minutes they doubled their lead when after a Mark McDaid effort glanced off the crossbar Keegan Hegarty returned the ball for Kevin McDaid to head home.

The Board concurred and referred the report and correspondence to the Ihishowen Brethren of Trinity House who gave vl Statutory Sanction in June stipulating that the lights were to be considered as local and tolls should only be charged on vessels entering the Lough for trade or shelter. Having heard about raising the inner tower the Derry Harbour Commissioners, in their letter in Junementioned to the Corporation the difficulty mariners had in distinguishing between the two towers and called for expediency in raising the tower.

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Three months later Trinity House approved the Inspection Committee's report in which the inner or west tower was to be raised 25 feet 7. The character was Gp Fl 2 WR vl 10 seconds.

Meanwhile a rethink had been made on the lights in so much as the Inspecting Committee in decided to abandon the front inkshowen and auxiliary light and replace the acetylene light in the rear tower by an electric light in a catadioptric lens with a red sector over the Tuns Bank.