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In sternbergs love triangle, the emotional component of love is called

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In sternbergs love triangle, the emotional component of love is called

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In Sternberg's Love Triangle, the emotional component of love is called A intimacy.

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According to the Spearmanian model, love is a single bundle of positive feelings.

New York: Basic. For example, it is possible sternnbergs contrast real versus ideal triangles. Empirical aspects of a theory of love as a story. Rubin states that if a person simply enjoys another's presence and spending time with them, that person only likes the other.

There is a chemical component to passionate love. Love is a journey. Companionate love follows passionate stermbergs. A proximity B having different opinions and attitudes C differing physical characteristics such as age and attractiveness D differing levels of educational attainment Q 7 Which of the following is NOT one of the dimensions in Sternberg's Love Triangle?

Sternberg, R. Passionate love and companionate love are different kinds of love but are connected in relationships.

Couples in passionate love feel physically attracted to each other. Of the multiple different early and later theories of love, there are two specific early theories that contribute to and influence Sternberg's theory.

Triangular theory of love

Psychological Review, 93, — Intimacy is primarily defined as something of a personal or private nature; familiarity. A couple with intimate love deeply values each other.

New York: Guilford Press. Feeling that partner is like an alien--incomprehensible and very strange. The triangle is used as a metaphor, rather than as a strict geometric model.

Love of partner for physical attractiveness; importance to person of partner's always looking good. The Psychologist, 26 2 A triangular theory of love.

Relationships have their core in the home, through its development and maintenance. Either views love as a religion, or love as a set of feelings and activities dictated by religion. Additionally, having a sense of intimacy helps create the feeling of being at ease with trianngle another, in the sense that the two parties are mutual in their feelings.

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Love does not involve only a single triangle. The three components of love generate eight possible kinds of love when considered in combination. Duplex Theory of Love: Triangular Theory of Love and Theory of Love as a Story The duplex theory of love integrates what ly were two separate theories: the triangular theory of love and the theory of love as a story.

Stories we have found to be particularly useful in conceptualizing people's notions of love are 1. Love is whatever you make it. Relationships need to be continually nurtured and tended to.

Barnes, Llove. Although all three components are important parts of loving relationships, their importance may differ from one relationship to another, or over time within a given relationship. Passionate love is not limited to sexual attraction, however.

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 47, — The social construction of love. As Freud so frequently attributed human nature to unconscious desires, his theory of love centered around the need for an "ego ideal". Love is scripted, with predictable acts, scenes, and lines. This love is full of excitement and newness. Passionate love is associated with strong feelings sternbervs love and desire for a specific person.