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Free lesbian erotic stories

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The lesbian stories at Nifty lesbiab organized by an extensive category list. Some Nifty lesbian stories of your choice include: Adult Friends - These are stories of relationships that started off as friends. Athletics - Read these for stories involving athletic lovers, or stories that take place in gyms and other athletic venues.

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Her gaze followed Nina as she brushed her long unruly curls before tying them into a ponytail for bed.

Down to my clavicle. Her glance alone, with those huge brown eyes glinting with desire, was enough to entice Liz to rip off all her clothes and ravage Nina, but, despite the lust leaking from between her legs, Liz knew she had to go slow.

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The supple flesh under her hands ignited throb after throb to pulse through her pussy. The tips of her fingers massaged at my opening while I pushed my clit to the brink. She reached down for my hand and encouraged me to take the reins. I ldsbian my breath as I waited.

Her eyes were pointed downward towards the screen between her hands on her lap. That familiar restlessness pressed into the denim at the crux of my inner thighs, and I started to roll with a budding fantasy. Let the swiping begin.

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Related Story. Getty Images I feel her finger slipping syories, looking for the spot to enter me, and when she finds it, her finger slips all the way, easily. We selected side-by-side sinks to go through the motions of washing our hands and checking our faces for posterity, stealing side-eye glances as she put on new, dramatically darker lips.

Even though I rarely make time to meet up with any local candidates, Erotiv load up the old profile upon arriving in a new city.

I kept my own gaze on her as I typed up my next message. I start to call out to her, telling her how good it feels, how she is going to make me come. Photo: Wordpress "She is cautious, but it feels amazing.

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I guess I was distracted. I was distracted. Her hands hold my hips still as I try to buck against her face, she is a master at getting me off like this, and I eroic feel an orgasm building in my pussy. My pulse tried to hit the roof of her mouth, but I felt it in mine. Slowly, gently, they moved in and up towards the swollen silk of her knickers. She pushed herself up far enough to push a slim hand down my body to my breast, rolling the nipple between finger and thumb before breaking our kiss to take it in her mouth.

Staying with Your Husband or Partner - These stories explore what it was like for those who identify as a lesbian to realize their sexuality and choose to stay with their straight partner. Over and over again, like a bobble head toy on the dash of a car. My heart did a full ertic when I spotted her.

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Peppering kisses across my chest. I kiss down her neck, my elsbian sliding over her smooth flesh, caressing her nice tits. No… No… No… NO. When I knew her nipples could get no harder, I peppered her chest with more kisses, sinking stogies and lower towards her center. She then pushed me down on to the lid of the toilet and squatted down in front of me, looking up at me with her come-drunk eyes. I gasp as she nibbles it gently before moving back down my body the way she had come.

Especially whenever I leave town; I find that I get really curious about what the foreign waters might look and feel like. Liz kept fucking and licking Nina until her voice grew hoarse and her erotc stopped shaking. I think I was onto something: she buried her face into my shoulder and heaved every ounce of air from her lungs to stifle a desperate moan. She bit down on my bottom lip while she pried my trousers open and forced them down to the ground around ldsbian ankles.

I was aroused beyond belief!

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You smell perfect. Some travelling for business. Sheer fabric like silk was quite revealing and Liz was suddenly mortified. This erotic story by Jayne Renault was originally published on Bellesa.

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Rubbing our breasts together, nipple to nipple, pulling, licking and sucking on each others pleasure points. I drank it in like nothing else could ever quench my thirst. This site is easy to navigate and has a search button to help you find what you are looking for. She undressed and let the soft silk of the pyjama envelop her limbs. Liz watched her fingers slip in and out of Nina and a small puddle of juice gathered in her palm. But nothing beats the feeling of another woman's lips around my buds, sucking and tugging at my nubs to bring me to a full and satisfying orgasm.

After what seems like minutes, I finally lay back, my legs open, my breath hitched.

Erotoc push back, scooting backwards across the bed to give her room, and she takes the cue, crawling up over me. Who knew two lesbians who are so clean could get so dirty? She tapped my forearm and squeezed it tight. Her breath was hot and teasing as she kissed up the length of my inner thigh, ever closer to my aching core. Who was she kidding, anyway?

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We picked up our bags. She was wide awake and had spent the better part of the last ten minutes wondering if she should lie on her hands to prevent her from inadvertently touching herself.

Either way, some miracle would have to happen for this not be a feverish sleepless night for her. Her: why are you here? Feeling her harden and open into me, I increased the quivering speed of my touch.