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Fitness pick up lines

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Fitness pick up lines

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Do you have any tape?

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What do you say you and me go on a romantic ride on the stationary bikes? You both know it's cheesy, but if they're interested, they'll most likely go along with it. Let's do lunge.

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But if they're here for your pickup lines, and you two end up laughing up a storm in the ilnes of the weight room, it could be the start of a beautiful relationship. So start simple: Never underestimate the power of making eye contact and smiling at your gym crush. I see you have more mass about you than a Catholic church. Can you help me out?

After all, if you can lift those weights and rock that body, you must find it really easy to pick someone up. Finding love at the gym is a lot like lifting heavy weights : Not as intimidating as it seems, and totally worth it.

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Stop jumping around in my head, it really hurts. Do you like yoga? Everyone has their right to personal space. Just make sure that you pick a public trail in a populated area.

Can I get your jersey what you know your name and You would be in great shape if your body could run like your mouth New girl at the gym: "Hi, I think you are new here, and I wanna be the first male to bother you. Let me show you how.

6 clever pickup lines to try at the gym the next time you see gym bae

You should be in a gym ad! And some need more than others.

Have you ever used a pickup line at the gym? You are a beast! I heard that the missionary position helps men to work out the chest and triceps You can approach someone if their breaks seem longer than a minute.

Everyone appreciates a jp self-deprecating humor, and there's nothing more attractive than the ability to laugh at oneself. Did you get those yoga pants on sale? You Work Out. More like this.

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This elliptical isn't the only thing getting my heart rate up. You Have Awesome Form Giphy While not as low-key as the line, complimenting Gym Bae's form is still somewhat subtle and can be easily pici if they're not interested. When you're thinking about approaching your Gym Bae, it's important to remember that some people would rather not be hit on at the gym. Flex your muscles and whisper quietly: Someone has been bringing in their illegal guns!

Can you spot me? Share Tweet The worst part about gym rats is that people assume you have a great romantic life.

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I hope you know CPR, because you just took my breath away! Do you like this class? For Men Stop working your inner thighs. How'd you like to be my special push-up partner?

He told me it was illegal to carry these guns in public. Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below! Everyone had already started to play dodgeball - instead sits out on the bleachers. Ladies do you know where there's a lot of female equipment for you to use Stop being a linrs and make a move, lady!