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Erotic mom stories

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Erotic mom stories

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Admin 4 I always found my mom attractive. Even at the tender age of 18 I would try to sneak peeks of her in the state of undress or try to look up her skirt whenever I had the chance. Eroric was very pretty mainly because she was only 28 years old. She had me when she was 16 and was forced to bring me up all by herself because her boyfriend my father found out she was pregnant and left her and never came back.

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Mom put her glass of wine on the coffee table, then leaned into me. Total 0 votes. She was wearing tight jeans that showed off her hips and ass nicely. I listened through the door and heard the shower running.

She thinks you look as great as ever. She was wearing a thin burgundy cardigan.

She reached out for my hand and pulled me to the bed. They rose as mom drew in a deep breath. By now, Jacob had his hands firmly on my ass cheeks and was pulling my pelvic area tight against his reawakened erection.

She had eroitc when she was 16 and was forced to bring me up all by herself because her boyfriend my father found out she was pregnant and left her and never came back. Across the living room she and my mom were still talking. I had a quick shower, then shaved.

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She was wearing a long T-shirt that went syories the way to her mid thighs. Although I tried not to be obvious about where my attention was, I noticed that mom was still wearing her pajamas. My attention was divided between the television and their conversations. I looked down and saw that it was my moms white panties that she was wearing earlier. I made coffee for mom and Cindy while they talked.

Now both were divorced with children and in their early forties. She said she wanted to make them harder so you would see when you came out of the bathroom. I began to fuck her cunt vigorously. My cock was as hard as a spike. Cindy got up from the bed and stood beside mom. I gently touched her leg. Plus I was almost out storiea gas.

It was comforting. She squeezed mo, cock tighter as I worked it in and out of her. Mom had on a different dress than earlier. Maybe better. Mom let out a gasp and blushed. It was wonderful. As she shifted her shoulders and pulled it away from herself I let out a soft laugh.

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They looked quite young. I inhaled her sweet scent through the crotch of her panties. She parted her thighs and began rubbing her wet pussy. Just looking at bacon makes my ass fat. My cock was throbbing.

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shories Our next kiss was highly inappropriate. Mom wore the dress once, then concluded that it was too revealing. No matter how many times a day I did it, he always managed to practically fill my mouth with his load. She pulled a pink photo album from it and held it up, giving mom a wide smile.

It was a dreary, overcast day and looked like it was going to rain. As it turned out, mom and Cindy decided to abandon the idea of seeing a movie, mostly because they could not agree on which one to see. I watched her from the corner of my eye as she returned with the wine and glasses.

Mom gave me a eerotic look, then shrugged. Then I heard the door open and glanced towards her room. Mom tugged at my hips again, pulling me tighter to her.

By the time I was doing that mom and Cindy had already returned downstairs. Her musky juice covered it and my heavy balls. Only the cries for bestial concupiscent satiation reached my brain. Mom ed us once our bacon and eggs were cooked. She excused herself, leaving me alone with Cindy.

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She gave me a mischievous grin. Look what you made me do!

I had never been told anything so arousing and encouraging by a woman in my life. It looks a lot better on you than it ever looked on me.