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Share on Reddit Online dating site eHarmony has confirmed that a massive list of passwords posted online included those used by its members. The company didn't say what percentage of 1. The confirmation followed a report first brought by Ars that a dump of eHarmony user data preceded a separate dump of LinkedIn passwords. That's unsettling, because it means there's no way to know if the lapse that exposed member passwords has ehar,ony fixed. This post will be updated if eHarmony provides what we'd consider more useful information, including whether the cause of the breach has been identified and fixed and the last time the website had a security audit.

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Not long afterwards, LinkedIn confirmed that it had indeed been hacked.

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But there were two other less obvious problems. So while many of the passwords that appeared online were in plaintext, there's no reason to believe that's how eHarmony eharmny them.

It appears that while they were hashed, they were not salted, which experts say is a best practice that all e-commerce sites should follow. Related stories. Promoted Comments jump to post Story Author danstl wrote: No shit. In some cases, encrypgion sophisticated attacker can actually rewrite the entire.

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Security researchers put the figure at 6. EHarmony's 1. Just to be clear, there's no evidence that eHarmony stored any passwords in plaintext. Vague Lavalife Please read below for more details about the sites' policies on deleting data after an is closed.

Any site that provides insecure cookies at could be vulnerable to session hijacking. In Expect lots of phishing s in the coming weeks After initially pleading ignorance, the professional social network LinkedIn confirmed yesterday that it had been hacked and that the encrypted passwords of at least 6. First, the lowercase characters in passwords were converted to uppercase before hashing, Kelly says, writing: This drastically reduces the time it takes to crack, as there are far less possibilities.

Analysis: eharmony had several password security fails

Also, the word "love" was the most commonly occurring password of those that were examined, the analysis found. This feature will remove any existence of the on the Service including all messages sent and received regular, collect, priorityWinks, Gifts, all photos you have ed, any site usage history and other personally identifiable information. Even if a is encrypted over HTTPS, if it eahrmony mixed content, it may be possible for a eavesdropper to see the images on the or other content which is being served insecurely.

Make sense? Adult Friend Finder Terms of Use Privacy policy: You may to modify or delete your Personal Information from our database by: sending to privacy friendfindernetworks.

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Im sorry but this lack of well any type of encryption for passwords is just stupid The website said it had reset the passwords. The SpiderLabs analysis uncovered some interesting facts about the types of passwords used on eHarmony. Each time, we found that the passwords were reset to a five-character password using only letters and digits. Terms of use: Complete Encrypyion Removal.

That's unsettling, because it means there's no way to know if the lapse that exposed member passwords has been fixed. Here are the details you need to know about each dating service's policies.

Dating site eharmony confirms password breach

Lavalife Terms of Use Privacy policy: We keep the information you have given us for as long as you are a member on the site or for as long as we are required to do so by law, which ever is longer. Session hijacking was once wrongly dismissed as a sophisticated attack; however, Firesheep, a straightforward and freely available online tool, makes this type of attack simple even for individuals encfyption mediocre skills. Using free software such as Wireshark, an eavesdropper can see what data is eharmmony transmitted in plaintext.

The confirmation followed a report first brought by Ars that a dump of eHarmony user data preceded a separate dump of LinkedIn passwords. Share on Reddit Online dating site eHarmony has confirmed that a massive list of passwords posted online eharmpny those used by its members.

You may notify us at any time that you wish to withdraw or change your consent to our use and disclosure or your information. This is particularly egregious due to the sensitive nature of information posted on an online dating site—from sexual orientation to political affiliation to what items are searched for and what profiles are viewed. Uses secure cookies or HSTS For encyrption that require users to log in, the site may set a cookie in your browser containing authentication information that helps the site recognize that requests from your browser are allowed to access information in your.

Its not freaking hard people! You may also select the "Complete Profile Removal" option, which is offered separately of basic termination. Withdrawing Your Consent.

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On dating sites, this can reveal photos of people from the profiles you are browsing, your own photos, or the content of being served to you. As with LinkedIn, eHarmony's exposed data is cryptographic representations of passwords called hashes, which are generated by an algorithm.

Accessing and updating your notification preferences, personal information and public information You have the opportunity to opt-out of certain communications and modify ecryption information or demographic information you have provided to us, and to hide information visible to the public users of encyption Website at anytime by going to the 'Manage Profile' or 'Message Center' sections on your Ad Profile.

EHarmony didn't say how many of its users may have been affected. But the hashes can be converted into the original password using free decoding software.

We will accommodate your request subject to legal and contractual restrictions. Of course, in many casesLinkedIn users made the job a lot easier by using obvious passwords, such as "linkedin," "password," and "linkedinpassword.

Millions of eharmony passwords leaked

The original post, made to a forum on password cracking, contained the passwords as MD5 hashes. Hackers on InsidePro asked for help cracking the password hashes, Ars reported. The shorter the password, the higher the chance it can quickly be cracked.

In addition, if certain information has already been provided to third parties as described in this Privacy Policy, retention of that information will be subject to those third parties' policies. For eHarmony, this is reduced to 5. While the password appears to be using uppercase and lowercase letters, we know that the hashes use only uppercase. According to a story at Cnet, a list of 6. We have retention standards that meet these parameters. Using a full 95 character keyboard, brute forcing an 8 character password gives us 6.

The companies have notified users, reset passwords and said they are beefing up the security of their password systems.