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Ebay jokes

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Ebay jokes

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It should be on Etsy instead.

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It's fucking awful, every now and then it falls apart.

Ebay jokes

With only one second left on the clock, a kicker runs up to potentially seal victory. And Dot Com was a comely woman, large of breast, broad of shoulder and long of jokkes.

Just sold the missus on eBay. Should I just give up or should I keep on chasing payments This joke may contain profanity.

This joke may contain profanity. Q: What's the difference between being shot by Hitler and being shot by Meg Whitman? That shit goes on Etsy This joke may contain profanity. How the Internet started according to the bible.

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We shall see what one comes first. Sitting directly behind one of the field goals, they've had the best seats in the house to a terrific contest.

A: After announcing she is going to auction off his body parts and sell his gold teeth, eyeballs, and clothing on eBay! They sent me a magnifying glass. It's never been shot and only dropped once!

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You know what they say. Dale Leeks decided to list his girlfriend, Kelly Greaves, on Ebay in an act of revenge, after she whipped him across the bum in a riding shop. Because he made the pa y pal cross.

A: By putting the city of San Diego up for sale on Ebay! Dale received hundreds of messages from interested buyers asking if ehay could take Kelly for a test drive. No bidders but I did have 12 watchers.

The dictionary I ordered on eBay had only blank s I have no words to describe how angry Beay am. Selling a python Paddy was selling his pet python on eBay. I searched for a cigarette lighter and 15, matches came up. Anna conned her.

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One's a papal mandate and the other's a paypal man-date. How can I turn that down? How can I turn that down? When will people learn that it always backfires?

A: Meg will bill jomes for the bullet E. Swede car online Well, I just got a very bitter complaint that the polo mallet I sold on ebay was too short I told him to get off his high horse My son was on eBay this morning. Thank you. A: She was originally searching for another 15 minutes of fame! Ebay needs jojes step their game up. He adjusts the price for inflation!

Man’s joke about selling his girlfriend on ebay backfires when she gets bids of £70,

Nobody's bought it yet but there's 14 watching. Ebay is way to hard to use I searched for lighters, and all I got was 71, matches.

Every time I order chicken pellets they me asking for their feed back! You know what they say. Will let you know the soon.

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It was the grater of two evils. The rest is a surprise. I knew it was him, he used his papal !! Thank you. Have you heard about Terry the tractor lover? Only problem was the volume button was broken Goes on eBay to see how much the wheelchair could sell for.