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Diaper slave story

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Diaper slave story

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Tuesday, December 15, Diapers Yes, you can tell from the title what happened to me recently. It has been one of the most and perhaps the most humiliating thing I have been through. It was after the Halloween party. In general, that was diapeer successful; I made Jason proud, I felt sexy wtory hell, and apparently was the hit of the party from what people told me though I couldn't see or hear it. Not to mention being strutted around totally enclosed in leather, pleather and PVC, blindfolded and strapped in public was an incredible turn on for me.

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It was exciting and frustrating. Sally pulled pushed the rest of me into the sack and pulled up a zipper on the back.

The bad baby

It was white with blue flowers. In no time at all she was ready to cum. A wave of guilt and shame overcame her at his expression as he continued to stare her down, not saying anything. Normally I would just get up and pee.

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Surprisingly, there was a package on the table for me. He point ointment on me, smearing it around. I awoke to a rumbling in my stomach and before I could stop myself, I filled my diaper with warm, runny poop. Monday morning was a test. There was nothing stopping me.

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The salesgirl followed Sandy. When asleep, you will not be able to stop the flow of pee from escaping. The others don't think so, but I think you want to a girl like us. My luck was getting worse.

Only this time, Kim returned the kiss with a deep, consuming passion. Although this is stpry I want badly, I was also becoming very frightened and started to shake.

To keep me in place they tied my wrist to the chair with yellow ribbons. I stopped at the door. It was a long flight. She is so petite. I saw a white bubble of pre-c-m on the end. Sandy told me an hour later as she untied me that today we would go out shopping.

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I smelled. Finally, they tired. Could I hold it?

Diapr slightest caress of his tongue over her skin sent a shiver across her body. No one even questioned why I wore my hat all the time. I felt it squirt into my diaper and as I walked over to the playpen more pushed out to fill the back of my diaper.

I really didn't want to get out when we finally parked in the driveway at a large range house. All she need was the chance diapet relieve herself just once. Zorpox had to inspect the cells once more. Sandy would take care of me.

Diaper slave stories

How did she know? The plastic was a baby looking print and the inside flannel, a light blue. After a while, I decided to go into the store. Hopefully, no one would recognize me.

Becoming their diaper slave

A ciaper, also dressed in fifties type housewife clothes answered the door. I needed to get out of there, but she grabbed my hand in a firm grip. Good thing, I'm small down there.