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Come on my wifes face

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Come on my wifes face

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In fact, the longer a couple stays together, the weirder they get.

Age: 34
Relationship Status: Divorced
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City: Bergenfield, Calhan
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Thank you for sharing your disgrace!! So, the original poster decided to get his revenge. But it recently resulted in the ultimate embarrassing moment.

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As part of the "game," he decided to surprise his wife with a slap in her face with his penis -- not knowing that she was on a Zoom call with her coworkers. He did the only thing one can do in that situation -- run away. Comedy gold.

It sure was embarrassing for her husband, though. They try to catch each other off guard, including a recent round where his wife hit him in the face with a tampon. Reddit The mortified husband explained that it's all part of a game the couple plays with each other.

That means seeing to your partners' needs, giving her lots of thick love cock and clit licking, giving him a squirmy, juicy cunt and voracious, but sweet, cock sucking till he fills your needy fuckholes full of his liquid love. We aren't going cmoe lie -- this is going to sting for a while. But at the very least, the original poster might finally learn that it's best to check in and see if his wife is busy before playing their "game" -- or, ya' know, he could keep it in his pants.

A committed relationship, married or not, encourages sluttiness, because the couple want to make each other melt with pleasure. Unfortunately, the game they play is "slapping each other with random things while the other is busy," he wrote on a post that has since been deleted from Today I Fed Up on Reddit.

He toweled off and then he spotted her "on her computer with headphones on. Boy oh boy, do we bet they wish facw were avid Go Fish players instead.

Surprisingly, her reaction was only silence. And then BOOM "d--k slap square on the cheek.

The mortified husband explained that it's all part of a game the couple plays with each other.

The man bolted to the bathroom, which is actually where he was typing his story and started to spiral. You don't have to tell this to one man, who wrote in to Reddit and explained that as he and his wife have been social distancing, they've been playing a little game. The man came up with the idea to strike after a shower.

Or at least some indignation at being hit? Not trying to be a prude, fafe situation is pretty comical, but I think those things are hard for women to come back from professionally.

Cumming all over my wife's face

Where was the thunderous laughter? In fact, the longer a couple stays together, cpme weirder they get. Smearing yourself, particularly the face, with your loves' juices is incredibly sexual, wantonly slutty, and deeply satisfying to both, because you are both committed to each other and love to fuck, toto become more than one.