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Chats en puerto rico

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Chats en puerto rico

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Comments Puerto Rico Gov. Outgoing Puerto Rico Gov.

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There were so many important conversations in there that were disrespectful or insulting — to so many different officials or artists or communities — that we thought it was very relevant that people saw the whole document. We are like a tax haven for many of them.

So we were mostly thinking about the need to put that information out, with the proper reporting. We also published a big investigation about Monsanto in Puerto Rico.

What would you recommend to other investigative nonprofits working in similarly tough conditions? Our was almost 10 times what the government was saying. We also corroborated specific dates and events irco the document that could be fact-checked.

But when you make the right partnerships, you pick a team that is passionate and has promise, you train them continuously, eb you engage with the community and earn its trust, you can get to a point at which you have a successful operation. But we started in with a zero-dollar budget; it took over a year to establish the basics for the organization — to get a board of directors, get an office, and start operating formally.

The first years, the Interamerican University Law School hosted CPI and also sponsored part of its operation, and the first important grant we got was from the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation. Subscribe to the Mother Jones Daily to have our top stories delivered directly to your inbox. He also announced his reation as President of the New Progressive Party.

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We asked the source to give us the whole document, because the source initially wanted to filter specific s. The Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico Referring to the federal oversight board that has controlled the US territory's finances sinceRossello wrote in English, "go f yourself," followed by a string of middle finger emojis. The Telegram chat also corroborated some of the relationships between some of these individuals, specific events, and the tone in which they spoke to each other.

We started finding sources from very different sides, even political sides, that coincided in terms of this information. A lot of work was done pro bono by our founders in that time.

dico He did so relying on a law that stated that when the legislature is on recess, any nomination is legitimate until the legislature goes back in labor. This litigation sometimes takes a few weeks, sometimes a year or two.

The ethics office's lawyers attempted to prove the authenticity of the content of the conversations through a certification request to the instant-messaging company itself, but were unsuccessful; the company is limited to release information on suspicion of terrorism to relevant authorities, such as IP address and telephoneand not the content of conversations. Ricl patriarchy.

But of course, once we published the chat, we worked day and night to finish the second story. The story began with us saying that there were a lot more corpses [than officials said], and doing an estimate on what would be the final death toll.

A new report sheds light on ricardo rosselló’s purported twitter attack machine.

The governor and 11 top aides and Cabinet members exchanged profanity-laced, homophobic and misogynistic messages luerto fellow politicians, members of the media, celebrities and others in a scandal many are calling "RickyLeaks. Minet: That investigation started a little over a month before it was published. But we always end up getting the documents.

In Augustat least 10 trailers which held these supplies were found abandoned in a lot near a state election office; according to The New York Timesthey had "broke[n] open and became infested by rats". If you're able to, please us in this mission with a donation today.

That makes us hopeful. Thank you.

Puerto rico’s governor in crisis amid online chat scandal

The investigation, which began on July 15,was closed due to inability to authenticate evidence, an essential element for the imputation of pureto conduct, rendering impossible for the administrative prosecution of its participants. Since the beginning, we knew we had to publish it all. We used the s we were getting from hospitals and local governments. This investigation created a public outcry against the government.

How leaked chats and dogged reporting shook up puerto rico’s government

Minet: Puerto Ricans have been dealing with a fiscal and economic crisis for over a decade. Minet: I can tell you that we had been working on an investigation for a few weeks at that point, and that this investigation included some of the chat members — at least four of them. Mark-Viverito traveled to the island to protesters in their calls for the governor to re.

The chat demonstrated the level of trust and familiarity between them, puuerto how frequently they communicated.

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CPI ric published many other investigations over the past 11 years. It was explosive. The First Lady had pointed out as having delayed the distribution disaster relief supplies. Screenshot from the DFRLab investigation. Outgoing Puerto Rico Gov. We send the stories under embargo until an agreed time, and our partners decide if they want to publish them. The DFRLab report includes analysis of the Twitter s identified as likely being part ppuerto the group, and evidence that they were likely acting as a network, including s tweeting the same content nearly times in one case, and dozens of times in other cases.

And then, hurricanes Irma and Maria hit in All these conditions were oppressing people and making them feel like the government was not being fair to them. Our reporting right now is fhats on voting rights and election security, corruption, disinformation, racial and gender equity, and the climate crisis.

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The Department of Justice of Puerto Rico was also asked to cooperate in providing extracted information from cell phones of some of the chat's participants, with the purpose of obtaining unaltered and authentic content directly from the source, but was not shared due to the criminal investigation they're still conducting. Puetto on the island are also reviewing the messages for evidence of possible corruption, and have opened an investigation.

In six of those cases, the same 51 Twitter s were used to push a message. How has that impacted you? Minet: Just do it. Additionally, two other chat participants were contacted, but declined to cooperate with the investigation.

Do you think either of these stories — the first story about the Telegram chat, or the second one about the corruption scheme — would have had such a huge impact if they had been published on their own? Puerto Rico is one of the first places for experimentation with Monsanto seeds, and they receive a lot of tax reductions and incentives to be here.

Data protection choices

At that point, a few s of the chat had already been leaked into different media outlets. He responded with joke about the growing piles of dead bodies at the morgue in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in September Can you tell me about a few of the stories that had the biggest impact? That was the spark that led us to formally initiate the investigation.