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Bisexual erotic stories

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LucidBi - Biseual 01, Views This is how women feel when they are just about to take a beautiful cock from behind. The feeling of his hands holding me tight, his cock slowly moving up and down against my ass and having this sensational woman in my hands all at once. The gentle raindrops falling on us through this. Alex reaches and slowly pulls my shorts down just a touch more. The feeling of this - these manly and caring male hands pulling my shorts down was awakening something else altogether

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Erotic stories: read threesome story the birthday bash

With him kneeling, you both look up at him and lick his shaft. She kisses him. She looks like a goddamn porn star. You toss some half-melted ice from the kitchen counter into your party cup, and pour a nondescript whiskey over the cubes.

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Pinterest Your mood escalates quickly. You massage his balls with one hand at the same time. You take him into your storiex, and before long, she comes down to you.

Getty Images The light is almost non-existent in the room. She tears the wrapper away and res you and her boyfriend on the bed. His breath is hot and his lips are coated in her wetness. She wraps her legs around his waist and wails into his ear, biting at his earlobe and the side of his neck. He swivels his head to face you now.

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You notice that her pussy smells floral yet acidic. His cock now speeding up in and out of me.

Decently endowed, too. Finding yourself totally enthralled with her female form, you take full advantage of this opportunity to explore freely.

You find yourself watching as your friend steals a kiss from the birthday boy. You think you hear her say something about going upstairs later, but the music is too loud. You continue your silent, lazy masturbation in the shadows. Placing her hands over his on your hips, she swivels her hips into his face.

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So I invited Will over. You quietly open the door, and close it just as softly behind you. Thankfully, his cock reaches deep enough to tap your cervix.

You feel comfortable with this friend. He turns and kisses you with a newfound intensity as he thrusts into her.

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As you move to lick his balls, you place your hand on his bare chest and feel him fall back into his pillow throne. Before long, everyone says their slurry goodbyes and takes their leave. He finds you and kisses you again. You can hear bidexual sound of his hungry tongue lapping at her clit, and you rub his head encouragingly as you press your lips to her once more.

Once on the bed, she takes the lead. All of a sudden, you realise that many of the people who were there when you arrived have either disappeared or passed out. Her moans hit a higher pitch than you had anticipated. You tease the head slowly at first, then wrap your lips around his shaft entirely.

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She looks back at her boyfriend for a moment, and kisses you softly on the lips You take off your own top. She moves in slowly towards you, looks back at her boyfriend for a moment, and kisses you softly on the lips. You completely forget that there bisfxual a third person in the room. She invites you guys to bbisexual each other. You fiddle behind her back with one hand to release the clasp of her bra, and wonder why so many guys seem to have such a hard time accomplishing this minor feat.

Every thrust sends a shockwave through the rest of your torso. Deep inside he stops and all I can feel is bliss. In fact, she seems to be encouraging you to stay.

He was about 6 feet, average weight and build. He was really fucking good looking However, your other more brazen, less inhibited side — Thanks, Alcohol — wants to see how far this can go. She urges him to slow down and eventually pull right out of you. He takes her nipple in his mouth, and swirls his tongue around the areola, releasing it with an aggressive smack. Smiling and swinging your keys around one finger, you walk down the street to your car. He is almost instantly hard.