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Adelitas tijuana girls

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Adelitas tijuana girls

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Re: Fun night spots with dancing girls 12 years ago Save For anyone interested. I visit TJ about 6 times per month Hong Kong is really interactive with the females.

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I do not frequent the other clubs so I cannot comment on the atmosphere. After too much cerveza, we tijuzna back across the border he was afraid to drive into Mexico.

Simple as that. Yes, there certainly is stripping.

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It depends on what you like. Report inappropriate content. I am not suggesting it does not happen, I have just not experienced it. Weekends are a little better, and some guys will come here if they think Hong Kong or Adelita are too crowded.

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Most, not all of the girls at Hong Kong will provide service and you need to negotiate the price. The music is mixed and leaning towards top In some cases it can be a turn-off tijauna they, the waiters are constantly in your face to buy the girl a drink.

You have to deal with prostitutes grabbing you as you pass them in the street, crime is drastically increased, etc. Taking the Trolley train to San Ysidro right at the border just 2.

Fun night spots with dancing girls - tijuana forum

Anyway this thread is way to long. We had a few more beers and I bought for our new friends. Once across, look for an Orange Libre taxi and ask him to take you to Zona Norte, or just walk towards it mins. They are spread out all over the red light district, and clearly advertise what they do on the outside.

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At the 1st bar, one of the clean up guys remembered me and said I left with the bag. This place is built to party. Just know that walking across is a lot faster than driving across due to the border agents and car searches, especially on the way back. He went with us as we retraced our earlier wanderings. Most of them are registered with the government, and undergo health tests several times adelitax month.

The girls drink fast so you better be with someone you like.

There is a lot going on here. After several bars, we went into another where our earlier waiter waved us over - the bartender had my package safely behing the bar! But of course their looks really have nothing to do with their ability to adelittas. I think this is a constant in all the clubs in Zona Norte. I caution you to not over consume alcohol and do not flash your money.

Re: Fun night spots with dancing girls adellitas years ago Save For anyone interested. Where to go?

Adelitas tijuana - tijuana forum

You have so many to choose from. I go there frequently and have never caught the DJ locked into a heavy metal thing. You can watch the girls on the stages and tip for a handful of boobs aeelitas moreor just mingle around with the girls who are out and about. Hong Kong has a lesser percentage of standouts, but they are by far more fun in my opinion.

A large percentage of the girls are nice looking but they have a wide selection with a some being average to slightly below. I adeiltas TJ about 6 times per month No lap dances though, which is the one main drawback. However, Zona Norte is not for many people - you have to deal with the drug pushers on the street as well as inside the bars, restaurants and other businesses. With today's drug wars, there is an increased risk from being in the wrong place. Tjjuana Kong is really interactive with the tirls.

My buddy much braver now decided we would drive back and see if we could find them. Some years ago, before I moved to Rosaritoa buddy and I drove to TJ for an afternoon's fun and I needed to stock up on some perscription medicines. Chicago Club Some of you old timers may have heard of this place, but the rise of clubs like Adelita and Hong Kong have turned it into a gifls town during the week.

Tirls pay to park — free parking is sketchy. Adelita Bar Depending on who you talk to, this is the most popular strip club in Tijuana.

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If you are looking for a particular type female I am sure you will find her there. I think it is way more fun then Adelitas. My friend wanted to find a hooker, so I took him into Cohuila street, where we visited several bars. It was just turning dark. Good people, and one of the reasons I live here today, Avelitas. With experience, you learn what to do and not do, and can have a great time without any problems. In both clubs if you sit with a girl or the waiter spots you talking tikuana one, he will immediately ask you if you want to buy her a drink.

Meaning she should be making you feel like you are the best guy in the club or you are wasting your time. Of course the girls gets a percentage of the drink.