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98 mott massage

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98 mott massage

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Went to the place and floor indicated, followed the directions through the windy hallway to the last door on the left before you hit the bathroom.

Age: 30
Relationship Status: Not important
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City: Galena
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Pretty much the noised travel, and dont think FS is offered here. Bacon said: So i tried out 95 Canal Street, suite Rooms have doors, but walls dont go all the way up to the ceilings.

I did get a card and address with her on it after my visit, being nice and tipping appropriately paid off. BUT there was another dry towel given to cover me up and wipe me dry, after the hot towel cleanup, while she left me alone, to attend to new comers. Typical greet and setup massate at least one woman watching Chinese TV. Greeted by Tina who led me to a backroom.

The pre-finale tease left something to be desired not slow and sensual enough for me. Now I have to say upfront she has great hands that even rival Mimi from Choi's for me so that's high praise.

Review: 98 mott, 6th floor - tina

Got the room right by the front door. Seems there are 2 younger sounding girls there and 2 older or same age, at least by voice.

I probably would not come back, although from some of the young sounding voices were enticing, and english seemed pretty well spoken here. Went to the place and floor indicated, followed the directions through the windy hallway to the last door on the left before you hit the bathroom. I love that.

Rang the door bell. The paper cover on the table was new, the perforations had not been torn. Leave the tip up to the customer, no upsell, and no hidden menu I indicated I wanted oral and she went for it, no fucking no negotiations, no muss While I was dressing back up, she kott back and folded the towels used to dry me and put them back.

They have a shower in the rear, but wasnt offered. Asked for hard massage, but even the back walking was disappointing. I suspect more Mssage maybe available from her and this crew especially if the offer is right and you are a repeat customer BYO condom. Since my room was right by the front door, there seemed to be a good amount of traffic of ppl going in and out.

Below 14th st. massage types

Tina is about 5'6" and a blonde haired chinese, face wise massahe average and partially due to the excessive makeup, she has a nice bod with a few extra pounds around massaeg mid-sections but has smooth and soft skin with nice small breasts with tiny eraser nipples. I little language barrier and miscommunication with the initual pop, but she went down on me like a champ and took the load in her mouth.

There is also a hot plate in the bathroom, making it smell of food. She washed up thoroughly with water and washed mot cock as well after giving the universal gesture for the tug.

Took her top off upon request if you hadn't read between the lines already The BBBJ was toothy but she did grace my shaven sack with her tongue which I love. Repeat: If I'm in the area.

Clean up was another hot towel. Think go the mamasan, she was dressed up a masasge, and a little on the old side but in good shape, with like B cups, about 50 or so, but her english was very good. Just back and forth, mwssage here and there. Also the bathroom, faucet knob was broken off and there arent any towels there, got a paper towel to dry hands. Feeling up the muscles, but not really massaging it for over half hour.

Directions to ding ming massage therapy, 98 mott st (manhattan) with public transportation

It's not marked well but you'll be able to find it. Got offered HJ or BJ with saran wrap. Got a nice hard massage with forearms and fingers rolling away all the nots, the hard massage isn't for everybody but works for me.